About Jason



I’m an operations executive who’s “Hip on Leadership.”  Specifically, I have a passion for leadership development; whether it’s an emerging leader or a senior level executive.  After working for multiple companies who were sold, down-sized, up-sized and right-sized, I’ve decided to pursue one of my passions in life, which is to help others become exceptional leaders.  By using the principles of servant leadership, a positive attitude, and a “pay it forward” approach, along with a dash of my own personality, I help individuals and organizations learn how to L.O.V.E and Serve in the corporate world.

How can YOU become an exceptional leader???  I guess you’ll have to tune in to my blog to find out OR if you feel like you’re one of the millions of people out there that need a Coach please shoot me an email  (Jason@jasonhipsher.com) and we’ll discuss how I might be able to be of assistance.

So, hang on tight and join me on this wild ride!!!