Losing a close friend

2010 Legion Golf Outing

I lost a close friend just yesterday; he was only 39!  What????  How does that happen; how does life work this way.  He was way too young….a husband and father of two young children.  Did I say he was only 39?  I’m 42 and this is the first time I’ve lost a close friend.  I’ve lost a Grandfather and Great Grandfather but they lived much longer lives; the latter into his mid-90’s.  While it’s never easy, someone living a full life at least makes sense but someone who is only 39 I  just don’t get.  Myself and 5 of my close friends went to visit the family last evening.  I realized long ago that our “group” is special.  Not very many people can say that they still regularly spend time with friends they went to high school with; enough friends to fill 3-4 tee times on a given summer weekend.  No, we aren’t able to do it as often due to family, kids, work, etc. but when we do, boy is it fun!  I know now we have another reason to golf in the summers;  because one of my friends already suggested that we have an annual golf outing to go towards our friends children’s college fund.  This is LEADERSHIP at its finest; paying it forward to those in need.  I love this “group” of friends and feel so fortunate to know that one day, hopefully many, many years from now when I pass that they’ll be there for my family too.  R.I.P. my friend.  We love you brother!


  1. Anna Lee Christiansen

    Good for you Jason! So sorry to hear if your friends passing. I have lost many people but no one so clise and young. Good luck with your blog. You probably don’t recall me, I was at your wedding. Ask Stasha about me.

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