I was struck this morning by two different photos posted on Facebook by two different friends in two different parts of the world.  In the first photo, is the sunrise here in Ohio (photo credit to Jason Barger of Step Back Leadership Consulting, and in the second is the sunset in Saigon (photo credit to Brian Hester).  Both pictures amazing in their own right but what also struck me was that Leadership is often the very same; many different perspectives by many different people in an organization needing to be inspired towards a common vision, goal or objective.  I’ve posted previously about the importance of listening as a leader but it’s also important to take the time to observe those around you, your surroundings, how individuals interact with one another and how all of these individuals often need to be inspired in different ways.  You see, it’s all about Perspective; the understanding that everyone has an Opinion and many times it might be different than our own.  And guess what, that’s totally ok and you can still Inspire these individuals even though they may not always agree with everything you say or do.

Until next time, continue to L.O.V.E., Listen and Observe.



  1. Isn’t it great when something completely unrelated to leadership surprises us with a leadership lesson? Good stuff!

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